Clarice Michelon was born in Rio Grande do Sul, south of exotic Brazil. Clarice started her studies in fashion in Sao Paulo, soon after has graduated in fine arts in South of Brazil. After several years working as a designer for companies, among them Levi’s, Clarice Michelon decided to challenge herself and moved to a new country, Canada. Her career as a fashion designer was put on hold for some time while she mastered and improved her understanding of the North America fashion market and its consumers.

Clarice is always looking for the best creative way to put things together, for balance, harmony, beauty ….as a Brazilian woman, she does not accept the things the way they are, she works to make it happen. “Brazilian women are sexy, strong, independent……and they do not care about being trendy, they care about looking good, fashionable, polished…” says Clarice.

And it all reflects in her collection, style and idea of fashion…” The major concept of my design is to put together contradictory elements such as craftsmanship and high couture in an innovative and intricate way. I love the feeling of handmade combined with fine and luxury material. The results are so unexpected and new”
“I like to put together elements from different era and culture, playing with shapes, colours and styles. I want to make fashion design something fun and wearable, that makes you look and feel good”.